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Preparing for America's 250th

The nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026 is a rare opportunity to inspire the American Spirit and recognize the individual and collective contributions of Americans. As with any national commemoration, the 250th presents a rare opportunity for thought leaders and organizations to realize audience expansion, institutional advancement, and legacy impact for the common good! We would be pleased to lend our expertise, enthusiasm, and connections to support your aspirations for America’s 250th. The moment is now, time is short, and the path forward is promising!


Consider: What prospects does the nation’s semi-quincentennial hold for your organization and its constituencies? What existing programs or offerings would you like to launch, advance or refresh in concert with this commemorative season?


We are interested to share with you our experiences working with Federal, State, and NGO partners in Semiquincentennial Planning from 2018 to the present. Here are some ways we may help:



  1. Pro Bono Awareness
  • We are interested to share what we’ve learned with those interested to participate in the 250th
  • If there are others you believe would benefit from dialogue, feel free to connect us!


  1. Preliminary Program Analysis
  • Short-term consultation leveraging our team’s experience with Semiquincentennial planning
  • Assess Alignment of Mission/Vision/Values with broadly held “Semiquincentennial Aspirations”
  • Advance program offering, messaging, and alignment with potential known partners and funding channels


  1. More Robust Collaboration as Content Providers and Planners
  • Creative concept design and positioning
  • Content development for the Cultural realm
  • Connections through partnerships
  • Coordination and program management
  • Collaboration on fundraising, strategies, and outlook




We are an unaffiliated federation of subject matter experts and planners engaging in 250th planning since 2018. We believe our collective experience and connections in this regard are helpful to a range of culture-centered partners. STACH pllc is the sponsoring organization for consultancy for the following thought leaders and planners.


Glenn Stach -1080x1080

Glenn Stach, RLA - Planning and Preservation

Owner and Founder of STACH pllc, a national-niche preservation landscape architecture and planning office established in 2013, Mr. Stach helps realize vibrant futures for our nation’s cultural landscapes and historic sites. In 2017 STACH supported the American Battlefield Trust’s role as Administrative Secretariat to the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission. Since establishment, Mr. Stach has served in numerous capacities to establish the commemoration’s early start-up and planned infrastructure. Before stepping down in early 2022, Mr. Stach served as interim Planning Director, and later as its Director of National Signature Programs. Since 2022 STACH continues to work with historic site owners to make visible the places where history happened and ensure their readiness for the semiquincentennial, including but not limited to substantial landscape rehabilitations at Princeton Battlefield, and Yorktown.

Carlyn Swaim

Carlyn Swaim – Program Planning and Design Team Leader

With over 15 years’ experience working in the cultural sector, Carly produces audience-focused content and programming strategies for museums, corporations, and non-profit clients. She has supported a variety of dynamic teams on high-profile projects, ranging from the Statue of Liberty Museum to the Royal Commission for AlUla. As a professionally trained public historian, Carly provides engaging interpretive planning, content development, and programming services aimed at telling dynamic, authentic, inclusive stories to a general audience. Beginning in 2020 Carly provided counsel to Semiquincentennial Planning, and served as Director of National Signature Programs through early 2023.

Brian Martin - 1080x1080

Brian W. Martin, Ph.D. – Historian & Program Planning Team Leader

Owner/Principal Consultant at Perspective + Planning + Performance, Brian is a rare combination of historian and business leader, providing historical, planning, and project management services to stewards of history across all economic sectors. From 2018-2021, Brian supported the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission and its non-profit partners, provided contextual understanding of federal Bicentennial planning (1976), served as the principal author/editor of the Commission's initial plan Inspiring the American Spirit, and lead early engagement with national program partners.

Stefanie Mathew

Stefanie Mathew – Philanthropy & Strategic Partnerships Team Leader

Stefanie Mathew is Founder and Principal of Stefanie Mathew Strategies. She is a philanthropy and strategic partnerships consultant with decades of experience developing mutually beneficial relationships for brands and non-profit organizations. Prior to opening her practice in 2023, she held leadership roles at the National Geographic Society, the National Park Foundation, and the National Archives Foundation, after starting her career fundraising for Pittsburgh Public Theater and the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Stefanie’s Semiquincentennial planning efforts began in 2020, envisioning the fundraising strategies for national NGO partner organizations.




We would be pleased to start a conversation with you or your representative group. Contact team leader Glenn Stach directly at 202.951.0517 or via email at [email protected]


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