We COUNT the historic landscape and its many features as important to our collective future.


We CULTIVATE an appreciation for the cultural legacy of place.


We CONSERVE natural and cultural landscape systems and features.


We help CREATE a viable future for places of timeless heritage and value.

Firm Description

STACH pllc is a preservation landscape architecture and planning firm envisioning viable futures for historic landscapes from preservation through design. Founded in 2008, the firm is based in Asheville, North Carolina’s historic Biltmore Village. With many notable works to its credit the firm collaborates with like-minded clients and partner organizations interested to cultivate an enduring vision for landscapes of cultural and historical value.

Our values are inherent in our approach to design and reflect our training, experience and passion. While every landscape and client is unique, each are engaged in a rigorous process of inquiry, analysis, and design rooted in well-established preservation policies. Every project incorporates — historical research, existing conditions analysis of natural and cultural features, period(s) of significance determination, assessment of landscape change and continuity of key characteristics over time — as the foundation to create works that reveal the legacy and narrative of each landscape.

Through collaboration and tutelage with some of the best minds in preservation and design, owner Glenn Stach has established a body of work that creatively stewards cultural and natural processes. The firm’s approach to preservation through design reflects Stach’s early employ with the National Park Service, matured through many noteworthy projects spanning over 20 years of private practice. His work individually and in corroboration has been the recipient of more than 40 awards from state and national design and preservation organizations. An active board member for seven years with the Cultural Landscape Foundation, Stach contributes professionally and in service to a number of state, regional, and national design and preservation organizations, advocating for increased awareness of cultural landscapes and their value to present and future generations.


  • Cultural Landscape Reports
  • Preservation Master Plans
  • Preservation Management Plans
  • Interpretive Plans
  • Heritage Tourism Plans
  • Section 106 Review


  • Parks & Parkways
  • Battlefields
  • Rural Historic Landscapes
  • Historic Sites
  • Historic Districts
  • Cemeteries
  • Estates & Historically Designed Residences
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About Glenn Stach

Mr. Stach is an accomplished preservation landscape architect and planner with many notable projects working with and stewarding historically valuable landscapes. His experience collaborating with allied professionals and subject experts informs his approach to design and stewardship, balancing preservation and contemporary use in compelling ways. His professional work embraces the dictates of the land and the legacy of those who have influenced it over time, stewarding valuable landscapes and historic resources for the betterment of future generations. In addition to preservation and design expertise, Mr. Stach provides strategic planning services to national non-profit stewards, positioning their work and resources to support future markets and public demands. Mr. Stach is a certified public facilitator.

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