STACH pllc: Logo Descriptions

Ever wondered about the story behind STACH pllc’s logo? 

STACH selected the capitol dome featured in the logo as an iconographic representation of the United States and the built environment. We chose an American Elm leaf to represent the natural environment, sustainability, and perseverance symbolized by the history of the American elm tree. While we wanted to include these two symbolic pieces in the logo, he we also wanted to incorporate an element representative of the many layers of history and landscape memory. The four layered green rows pictured in the logo speak to layers of history, meaning, thought, and research. The firm’s slogan, “preservation through design” reinforces STACH’s belief that preservation and design when appropriately combined, work together, not in isolation.

Shoutout to the creative team at Allieway marketing for their part in bringing this iconographic logo to life in a manner that spoke to the firm’s core services yet was also representative of cultural landscapes, merging both the built and natural environment.